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It has been a couple of weeks since my last post when I shared about what the Lord had been speaking to me regarding my support raising. I have been blown away by the response! Since then, I have received $1,625 in special gifts to help meet my goal! Praise Jesus! I am SO thankful to everyone who has given generously toward the work that Adventures in Missions is doing around the world.

Now that the large majority of our short-term trips are done for this year, I am in the midst of planning for some new and exciting things in our Short-term Missions department in 2020. One of my big projects right now is creating a new leader development program for our short-term trip leaders and staff. Through this, we’ll be able to better disciple and equip our leaders and then send them out all over the United States and to the ends of the earth – to lead hundreds, if not thousands of people in ministry to the lost and hurting. The potential for Kingdom impact through this is huge! But first I need your help… 
I still need $1,175 in financial gifts so that I can meet 100% of my support requirements before the fiscal year ends on September 30. With only about a week and a half left before then, time is getting very short. If you can help meet this need, that would be amazing! The quickest and easiest way to give is online at
Also, I am still working to put together a team of ministry partners who believe in me and the work that Adventures is doing. I am looking for 7 more people who feel called to partner with me on a monthly basis at $40-50 per month. If you felt a stirring when you just read that, maybe God is calling you to be one of those 7 people. I would love to tell you more about the work that I do and the vision God has given me for my team of partners! Send me an email at [email protected] so we can set a time to chat!
Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and prayers! I know that you guys pray for me and for Adventures and it is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to being able to share the good news soon that God has met these needs over and above what I even thought possible!

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